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Our doctors and team at the Dr. Dorwal's Dental Hospital embrace the latest technology at our offices.


kathrym Cooper

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New Technology

Our doctors and team at the Hospital embrace the latest technology at our offices, especially if it allows our patients to have a better experience and superior outcomes. Here are just a few of the ways we utilize cutting-edge tools and techniques.

Better Tech, Better Care. We are willing to spend the money on new technology because we’ve seen the huge impact it has on the care we are able to provide to our patients. Whether it’s a laser that can detect cavities at the earliest stages or a CT scanner that helps our oral surgeons and periodontists place implants with increased accuracy, top-of-the-line equipment yields superior results. We are passionate about providing the best possible dental care to Jaipur, and our offices are committed to providing the latest technology to accomplish that goal.

Modern dentists need modern tools to help patients achieve optimal oral health. Is your dentist embracing the latest technology to bring you the very best results?  If not, give the us a call. We would be honored to provide you the same excellent care that we have been providing to thousands of patients in India for many years.